Services Overview

  Professional Hand Wash Express Service Showroom Shine Detail
Thorough Hand Wash Yes Yes Yes
Bug and Tar Removal
from Windshield, Mirrors, and Faring
Yes Yes Yes
Engine Degreased   Yes Yes
Chamois Dried Yes Yes Yes
Compressed Air Blasted to
Remove Excess Water
  Yes Yes
Rims/ Spokes Cleaned and Polished   Yes Yes
Streak Free Cleaning of all Mirrors,
Gauges, and Wind Guard
Yes Yes Yes
Storage Compartments Cleaned     Yes
Leather Bags and Seats
Cleaned / Conditioned
Painted Parts Polished to
Remove Light Scratches and Swirls
Carnauba Wax Applied** to
Painted Surfaces (Protects 3-4 months)
  Yes Yes
Chrome Polished to Brilliant Shine     Yes