At On The Spot we pride ourselves on our clients complete satisfaction. Nothing makes us happier than to see a customer's reaction after we've transformed their once dirty and oxidized motorcycle back to its original "like new" condition. Here are just a few examples of the positive feed-back we have received from our clients.

“My bike sat for 2 seasons under a cover in my back yard. When I took the tarp off, I was shocked at what I saw. All of the chrome had rust marks all over it. I thought for sure the damage was permanent I found On The Spot online and less than a week later it looked better than I ever remember. I plan on using them from now on.”
Mike Herman – Eldersburg, MD

“I have used On The Spot for my cars for years and they have earned my trust. Now that I have my new Harley Davidson on their Maintenance Plan, I can take cleaning the motorcycle off the To Do list. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!”
Rich Steinberg – Pikesville, MD

“I recently purchased a used Suzuki Boulevard from a friend. It was not in bad shape, but had been neglected in the detailing and polishing department. I called On The Spot to restore it to its former glory. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have recommended On The Spot to all the members of my club.”
Jack Stone – Baltimore, MD